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This is how we do Math

I’ll be the first to admit that math is not my strongest subject. Because of this, I use a lot of teaching aids to make sure that the kiddos (and I) understand the concepts.

On the computer, we have been very happy with Mathseeds, for many years, but we are aging out of it now. As a result, I found myself searching for other computer & tablet based Math options.

We have decided to start using Splash Math for our main studies. It cost the same as Mathseeds and Reading Eggs did for a full year (for our three kids), and we just signed up. The kids will help me do a review of it once we have been using it for a while. 

The layout reminds me of Khan Academy, but it’s much easier for the kids to navigate. We will be making a more detailed post about it in the future.

In addition to online learning, we play a LOT of games. 

In the photo above are some of the games that we have.  Some are for more basic addition and subtraction, others for money and some for multiplication and division.  We try to have as much fun as possible while we learn.

The kids also have Android tablets that they can play on for fun or for learning.

We recently discovered some wonderful apps for math and the kids are enjoying them very much.

My daughter’s favorite is Math Ninjas. She’s been working on multiplication for a while, but the facts weren’t sticking, until she started playing this. She’s been rattling off multiplication facts since and it’s wonderful!

My son’s favorite is Dragon Box Elements. It is a game that introduces the concepts of shapes and angles (geometry) without the kids knowing it’s math! Some of the challenges have been quite interesting.

There are quite a few Dragon Box games available on Google Play.

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