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Game Time: My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic is a cooperative game for kids. According to Amazon, it is for 1-4 players, takes 20 minutes to play and is for ages 4 and up with no reading required.

When our family played together, we had an almost 3 year old, a 7 year old and a 9 year old. The kids agree that a 2 year old who follows directions well and is interested in playing could certainly help, if not hold their own.

Each player is given cards that have colored shapes that match shapes on the game board. In order to get an ogre off of the board, a card must be discarded that matches the space the ogre is on. If you don’t have a helpful card, you can ask another player to help with theirs. If the ogres reach and destroy the castle before you can put them all in the dungeon, everyone loses.

As far as educational value is concerned, the game focuses on color and shape recognition as well as following directions and teamwork.

The colors used in this game were clear, basic primary colors. This is a big deal to us because one of our kiddos has some color blindness and games that have colors that aren’t consistent or are blended are very frustrating for him. He immediately mentioned that it was really nice that it was clear.

Our 2 year old says, “I think it was fun.”

The 7 year old says, “I love it. What I really like about it is that little kids can play this with me.

Our 9 year old says, “I enjoy that it allows little kids to learn. I also like the cooperation.”

Overall, we thought it was short and sweet, taking between 10-15 minutes, and bright and cute! We would definitely recommend it for a mixed age group, like our own, as it is a great introduction to turn taking, cooperative games and board games in general.

If your little one enjoys Hoot Owl Hoot or Caribou, there is a good chance they will enjoy this one, too!

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